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We will move in triangular formations and step on each other's feet.
People involved

YES! Association/Föreningen JA! was run by its board co-art workers: Malin Arnell 2005-2018 (founder); Åsa Elzén 2008-2018; Johanna Gustavsson 2005-2011 (founder); Line S. Karlström 2005-2009 (founder); Anna Linder: 2005-2007 (founder); Fia-Stina Sandlund 2005-2008 (founder).

Detailed information about working groups and temporary collaborators

Working group 2012-2018: Malin Arnell and Åsa Elzén

Collaborator Space of Appearance, 2016: Elizabeth Orr

Collaborator A bus ride on a tale about invisible people whose existence was mentioned but remains invisible…, 2015: Sooz Romero

Collaborators (art)work(sport)work(sex)work, 2015: Emy Fem, Sophy Chan, Michèle Pearson Clarke, Emy Fem, Savoy ”Kapow!” Howe, Maria Hupfield, Amanda De Lisio, Elene Lam together with Butterfly – Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network, Frances Mahon and Megan Ross, Leslie McCue and Lindy Kinoshameg, Hazel Meyer and Cait McKinney.

Collaborator Smoking Area, 2012: Annika Ruth Persson

Collaborators Lee H. Jones / I am talking about something happening right here, right now, 2012: Litia Perta and anonymous

Working group 2010-2011: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén and Johanna Gustavsson

Working group Lee H. Jones part 2, 2011 (a continuation of We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones, 2010):
 Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson and Jeuno JE Kim

Collaborators We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones, 2010 -2013: Lea Robinson, Vivi Nielsen, Camel Collective, and Kate Pendry

Working group EQUALITY AGREEMENT 2010 (5 years later), 2010: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson, Kajsa Dahlberg, Henrik Andersson and Naiti Del Sante

Working group (Dis)agreements? – the utility, effectiveness, and problematics of categories, 2010: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson and Hong-An Truong

Working group 2008-2009: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson and Line S. Karlström (furlough 2009)

Working group Privilege Walk/Symposium – Feminist and intersectional aspects of contemporary art, 2008: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson, Line S Karlström, Marit Östberg, Camilla Backman and Anna Linder

Working group 2005-2007: Malin Arnell, Johanna Gustavsson, Anna Linder, Line S. Karlström and Fia-Stina Sandlund

Collaborators 2005: Lisa Nyberg designed the newly founded association’s logotype. Leila Brännström was our juridical consultant regarding the agreement.

  • YES! Association / Föreningen JA! was an art collective, an artwork, an association, an art worker, an institution, a group of people working to overthrow the ruling system of heteronormative, patriarchal, racist, and capitalist power structures by putting into practice a structural redistribution of access to financial resources, space and time within the (art) field.
    YES! Association / Föreningen JA!, All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you #2 (2017)
    A New Spelling of a Street – A tribute to Audre Lorde (2017)

    YES! Association / Föreningen JA!

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