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We will move in triangular formations and step on each other's feet.

YES! Association / Föreningen JA! are happy to announce that we will be part of the group exhibition Performing Relationships at KV Leipzig. The exhibition is initiated by Krisztina Hunya_Daniel Niggemann and will be on view June 29 – August 13, 2017. Opening: June 28, 2017, 7 pm

YES! Association / Föreningen JA! will participate with a second version of the durational participatory action All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you (2016-2017).

The exhibition also includes works by: Johannes Bendzulla, Jennifer Bennett, Miklós Erhardt (Big Hope), Máté Fillér, Mutter/Genth, titre provisoire, Anna Lena von Helldorff, YES! Association / Föreningen JA!, Heimo Zobernig.

Below you can read the exhibition statement by Krisztina Hunya_Daniel Niggemann:

“what comes to mind when I hear the word Kunstverein;“
Heimo Zobernig (1992)

Collaboration, negotiation and complicity were the main premises for re-establishing KV – Leipzig in 2014. The heterogeneous backgrounds of the board and association members were immediately seen as a positive opportunity to establish a non-hierarchical model for collective decision-making. Within this process the members of KV make a continuous effort to rethink pre-determined roles and keep them fluid, whilst forging alliances and making potential conflicts productive. Concurrently, KV aims to lay the foundation for an enduring working structure and embed an institutional art space within the city’s infrastructure as well as beyond it. The project Performing Relationships takes the collective experiment of the KV as a starting point, entering a productive realm which straddles professional project work, ambitious leisure activity and growing responsibilities for the people involved.

Since the 1960s, group interactions have increasingly been at the core of artistic engagements, often in order to interrogate the image of the solitary artistic genius as well as the prevailing conditions of production and presentation. The exhibition Performing Relationships brings together ten artistic positions that approach collective structures in a variety of ways ranging from scrutiny and experiment to testing and proof. Not only are performative and pedagogical strategies at stake but also photographic-speculative and archival approaches, as different spaces for action emerge within and beyond KV.

Collaborative practice and collective creativity are regarded as means of resisting the capitalist process of specialisation and eschewing the individual artist persona propagated by the dominant art (market) system. They are, moreover, geared towards providing a performative critique of social institutions and experimental structures that reveal society’s capacity for self-organisation.

The project Performing Relationships understands collaboration to be a continuous learning and thinking process that is reflected in the artistic commissions exhibited, in the polyphonic voices of the KV members themselves and in their ongoing research endeavours.

VISIT KV Leipzig, Kolonnadenstr. 6, 04109 Leipzig


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    YES! Association / Föreningen JA!, All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you #2 (2017)
    A New Spelling of a Street – A tribute to Audre Lorde (2017)

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