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We will move in triangular formations and step on each other's feet.
Personer involverade

YES! Association/Föreningen JA! was run by its board co-art workers: Malin Arnell 2005-2018 (founder); Åsa Elzén 2008-2018; Johanna Gustavsson 2005-2011 (founder); Line S. Karlström 2005-2009 (founder); Anna Linder: 2005-2007 (founder); Fia-Stina Sandlund 2005-2008 (founder).

Detailed information about working groups and temporary collaborators

Working group 2012-2018: Malin Arnell and Åsa Elzén

Collaborator Space of Appearance, 2016: Elizabeth Orr

Collaborator A bus ride on a tale about invisible people whose existence was mentioned but remains invisible…, 2015: Sooz Romero

Collaborators (art)work(sport)work(sex)work, 2015: Emy Fem, Sophy Chan, Michèle Pearson Clarke, Emy Fem, Savoy ”Kapow!” Howe, Maria Hupfield, Amanda De Lisio, Elene Lam together with Butterfly – Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network, Frances Mahon and Megan Ross, Leslie McCue and Lindy Kinoshameg, Hazel Meyer and Cait McKinney.

Collaborator Smoking Area, 2012: Annika Ruth Persson

Collaborators Lee H. Jones / I am talking about something happening right here, right now, 2012: Litia Perta and anonymous

Working group 2010-2011: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén and Johanna Gustavsson

Working group Lee H. Jones part 2, 2011 (a continuation of We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones, 2010):
 Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson and Jeuno JE Kim

Collaborators We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones, 2010 -2013: Lea Robinson, Vivi Nielsen, Camel Collective, and Kate Pendry

Working group EQUALITY AGREEMENT 2010 (5 years later), 2010: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson, Kajsa Dahlberg, Henrik Andersson and Naiti Del Sante

Working group (Dis)agreements? – the utility, effectiveness, and problematics of categories, 2010: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson and Hong-An Truong

Working group 2008-2009: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson and Line S. Karlström (furlough 2009)

Working group Privilege Walk/Symposium – Feminist and intersectional aspects of contemporary art, 2008: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Johanna Gustavsson, Line S Karlström, Marit Östberg, Camilla Backman and Anna Linder

Working group 2005-2007: Malin Arnell, Johanna Gustavsson, Anna Linder, Line S. Karlström and Fia-Stina Sandlund

Collaborators 2005: Lisa Nyberg designed the newly founded association’s logotype. Leila Brännström was our juridical consultant regarding the agreement.

  • YES! Association / Föreningen JA! var ett konstkollektiv, ett konstverk, en förening, en konstarbetare, en institution, en grupp människor som arbetade för att störta de styrande heteronormativa, patriarkala, rasistiska och kapitalistiska maktstrukturerna genom att genomföra en strukturell omfördelning av tillgången till finansiella resurser, plats och tid inom (konst)fältet.
    YES! Association / Föreningen JA!, All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you #2 (2017)
    A New Spelling of a Street – A tribute to Audre Lorde (2017)

    YES! Association / Föreningen JA!

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