We will move in triangular formations and step on each other's feet.

Space of Appearance, 2016, video still

For Hannah Arendt, action and speech create a space between participants, which can find its location almost any time and anywhere. It is the space of appearance. The space where I appear to others, as others appear to me. By mounting the commemorating brass plaque at the building we propose that the porch at the Hannah Arendt Center becomes a space of appearance – a space for engaging and testing, negotiating and acting in relation to each other and specific materials and objects in dialogue with some aspects of Hannah Arendts life and thinking.

Space of Appearance, 2016, HD Video, loop, 16:02 min
Performers: Malin Arnell, Åsa Elzén, Elizabeth Orr, and other materials
Videography: Elizabeth Orr
Edit: YES! Association / Föreningen JA! and Elizabeth Orr

In 2012 YES! Association / Föreningen JA! took part in the exhibition Anti-Establishment curated by Johanna Burton at CCS Bard Galleries with the many-fold project SMOKING AREA. As part of their project, YES! Association / Föreningen JA! worked on the idea of commemorating Hannah Arendt’s ideas of friendship and conversation with a plaque and the inauguration of the Hannah Arendt Smoking Porch—commemorating Arendt’s love of talking and smoking.


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    All that you touch You Change. All that you Change Changes you. (2016-2017)
    Space of Appearance (2016)
    Space of Appearance, 2016, video still

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